Flower me - are handcrafted accessories.

Flower me items are known by their intricate style, high quality craft and timeless design.

The brand was founded in 2009 in Saint Petersburg by Ivlyana Makienko, who's attention was once drawn to her mother Natalia's long-time interest in handiwork. The works of this extraordinarily talented woman inspired Ivlyana to create a trademark based on a beautiful story.  

"Craft - is primarily a way of communication. It's about establishing connections between past and present; traditions and new technologies; between different parts of the world, and finally, the connections between people.

We choose evolution over revolution.

We carefully try to maintain a balance between modernity and traditions of the handicraft masters. There is a certain delight to a handcraft in its slight imperfections, the uniqueness of each piece in its subtle, barely noticeable differences. 

That is the essence  and trademark of  Flower me."